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Blog Post.  August  2017. 

About to go into the studio to record our 4th album. 

Hey all, Andy here.  I got a minute to myself to get my thoughts down regarding our new recording period.  It’s a week our so before we go into the studio to start the alchemic process that is to turn our meat computers ideas into audio waves, to turn thought into a mechanics, to move air in a way that is pleasing.  Magic indeed. 

We’ve done it 3 times before and we think we’re getting better at it.  We’ve had no formal training and have no guiding hand or mentoring to insist we don’t drive the bus off a cliff (but that’s normal with Rock n Roll) and a good thing in my opinion. 

The difference this time is we have written this record in less than a year whereas with the others we’ve taken 3 years and never put ourselves under any pressure at all.  We would gig and tour, write a tune, noodle about with it, even play it at gigs half finished and figure out what it needs and hey presto, 3 years later you have a song.   

So why the change?  Well that’s easy, we got a phone call from our label boss Patrick Boissel of Alive Records fame and he said he’d love a new record next year (2017).  Although genuinely spooked by the prospect of having to write a record in such a short space of time, for us, we are afraid of nothing and have never said no to anything.  Seriously, our stock answer to most requests is “Yes….what is it?.  A year for some folks is enough time to release 3 albums, Ty Segal puts albums out daily it seems but that’s not the way we work.  I like to put a lot of consideration into lyric and melody, you may not think so but those lyrics have thousands of hours and reams of paper to them.  I’m not efficient, obvs, 

I also don’t think I’m the greatest songwriter in the world but I hope to be considered one of the good ones before my time is up which I guess is why I have never rushed myself in the past. 

So as we are about to hit the studio the obvious question is, are the songs any good? and I have to say that we think they are.  We identify as Garage Punk Blues, there is nothing accidental about that self tagging.  We did it on purpose as it covers a lot of ground and gives us leeway to write different types of songs from Blues, Rock, Garage, Punk Blues, Folk, Artsy shit, blah blah, you get the point, and we have done that.  All our albums have hopefully not been “samey”, whether you dig them or not they don’t plough the same furrow all the way through, and the same can be said of this next record.   

We have a few different things going on as well as a few things you would expect us to do. 

We suffer from the self doubt of the artist and this next week is the deep breath before the plunge for us I wanted to take a moment to consider in writing the past, let you all know what’s going on and thank you all for the support.  We hope you will enjoy our new effort and come and see us play it live.   

Please wish us luck as we attempt to make some art for you. 

With hearts full of humility….. Thank you 

Andy & Chris 

The Bonnevilles

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