The Bonnevills & Mudlow - Tours End

The Bonnevills & Mudlow - Tours End. 

So here I am with some daylight between the tour and the rest of my life. I'm still knackered as i'm typing, I have that post tour head frazzle thing and am about to make another coffee. My 3rd, and we're back in the loving arms of our families, we are lucky beyond compare. 

When we get off these tours its usually the same emotions that surface but this ones different. I've thought about it for 24 hours to try figure out why. Its been our most successful tour yet across the board thats true but its been the most emotional, the good ones not the shitty ones. 

Its hard to tour mid week anywhere in the world but you guys came out for us. We've been touring since we started, some of our very first gigs were in Belgium and we've always thrown our net very wide as a tactic to try get our music heard by as many people as is possible. This is the deal, its easy.... 

1.. Go to peoples towns 
2.. Be fucking awesome 
3.. Repeat ...a lot. 

Thats it, whats the point in making things more complicated, i'd only get confused. This tour feels like we reached new territory, it feels more complete yet the futures opened up because of it. It feels good. 

We got to play with our heroes and brothers the mighty Mudlow. We've been friends with these lads since before we were called The Bonnevilles, they are one of the best bands England has produced in the modern era in my opinion, criminally under-rated and we could only dream that we would ever get to tour with them but the real joy was seeing you guys take to them like we knew you would and boy did you, you fucking LOVED them, I knew you would, and they felt it and that makes me the happiest man in Ireland right now. Good things happening to good people is the joy of joys. 

I can't talk about the tour without talking about merch girl Audrey Extraordinary or Audrey Fraser as her mother calls her. We learned years ago we need a merch person on every tour and Audrey is always first with her hand up, she brings her entire character and wit, which is formidable, to everything she does. I've had the pleasure of calling Audrey a friend for 25 years and shes got more character than most 10 other people. Shes also from Glasgow and that in my opine is always a good thing. 

We started in Edinburgh and 10 days later ended in Belfast with an epic over night drive from Brighton, straight off stage into the van to make the ferry so we didn't miss our 2pm load in at the Limelight in Belfast. Going on stage at 8.45pm I had been awake for 46hours & 15mins with two 30 minute naps to tide me over. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. 

Thanks to all the venues, the bar staff, the cleaners, security guys, the bookers, everyone who had anything to do with our gigs. We are humbly and forever grateful we need you to do your thing so we can do ours. 

Most of all thanks to you guys that came out and played with us. We'll always do everything we can to entertain you but you make it easy for us to want to, you are the reason. Thank you, we love you and we'll catch you on the next one. 

Andy & Chris 
The Bonnevilles 

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